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There is always something to do. Everything is more intense when you have someone to share with and even more so when they are getting as juiced as you are doing it! Do you ever sing out loud? Would you say something suggestive when others may hear just to see the reaction? Do you know the difference of when and when not to do such a thing? I am playful and full of spirit with the right person and would love to bring the playful spirit out in you if you have the tendency or just join in if you’re already playful. I’ll list some of the things I like here but my number one rule in life is“there exceptions to all rules” so don’t for a minute think that if you don’t like everything in my list that we wouldn’t be compatible. Some of my favorite things are, Rock and Roll, racing Italian food, boating, jet skiing, kayaking, sunsets, weather watching, cars, photography, electronics, rollerblading, bike riding, amusement parks, volley ball, tennis, art shows, board games (especially chess), car shows, and movie categories would be … comedy or romantic/comedy, action/adventure, drama, and some science fiction. I love knowing how things work and sometimes I will repair my own stuff to get the first hand opportunity to learn. I would love the opportunity to see what makes you tick and to share some of life’s adventures. Everyone should know their “must haves” and “can’t haves” in a relationship so I feel compelled to list them here even though my number one rule in life is “there are exceptions to all rules”. So I would like to find a man whose interest complement, enhance or add to my own interests, someone who can “figuratively” catch my pitches and who can pitch while I catch. Together we are stronger than we would ever be apart, someone who is literally my best friend. You would be athletic but you don’t have to be an “athlete” just coordinated enough to be normal but anything more is a plus. I would like someone who would join in the things that are important to me, as I would do the same for you. I guess on the negative side, though I hate to go there, I am a pretty light drinker and never appreciate social pressure to drink, but I don’t care if anyone else drinks as they like. I do enjoy drink but I just limit myself or go without. I don’t smoke and I avoid being around smoking.. Let’s get back to the positive, I appreciate a variety of the feminine forms and but I definitely like it to be feminine. In turn,I keep my body tone and healthy. I love a good joke; I love a good piece of wisdom on any topic. I would like to meet someone who is sure enough wanting to talk that you send an email and not just a wink.

What I am looking for

I am looking for a man who know what he want,a man of dignity and integrity