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    Other European
  • Education:
    Masters Degree
  • Job:
    Architectural Services
  • Has Kids:
    No, but eventually


I??m passionate about life and about my interests. I??m very creative and my imagination is continuously inspired by all of the people and things that I experience. I??m calm and considerate and I don't like arguing or getting upset as life??s short. I love all people around me, especially children. I am tender nice lady. I have very good character. I am loyal and positive thinking person. I know meaning of word forgive. I am easy going and tender. My character is very harmonic and stable... I do not like arguing and quarrels and I believe in peaceful solution of any problem. I am kind and very loving person, living in harmony with nature and my inner world. I am responsible... I respect other people and always appreciate everybody.

I like to read books and listen to different kind of music. Also i like funny movies. I like jazz, romantic and historical movies which I wish to watch with my second part. I can??t imagine my life without sports, especially tennis, skating,swimming and fitness.What can i say about myself... hmm.. just have a look at my pictures and make a picture of myself and my soul... yes, this is me, i am good by myself.
I like fitness as it keeps my body fit, and I love swimming as it keeps my mind fresh. I love cooking, I like when everything is in good order, that is why my house is always tidy. I like to travel, I like spending time by the sea, sailing, and always love to see the ocean...

What I am looking for

I am here looking for a man with a positive self image. A man with an accepting nature. A man who is honest, trusting, trustworthy, caring and faithful. A man with passion and a loving nature. A man who is open and honest about his feelings and needs. A man with confidence. A man who is able to accept his imperfections and faults as well as those of his mate. A man willing to commit to a relationship as an equal partner and stay the course through the bumps and curves all relationships encounter. A man who can love and be loved unconditionally.